Thank you José María for the wonderful FASTER Artica 600 Silver cello endpin.
What a wonderful invention!
Wish you all the best.

Yo-Yo Ma

Cello soloist
Dear José María,

I am incredibly satisfied and surprised by the discovery of your sound enhancement creations. You have taken a different and brave path with your FASTER innovations and the result is amazing.

Harmonics, volume, quality, ease, response, projection and, in short, a barrage of sound with FASTER Artica Cello endpin and BELTON Grafit & Ellic Cello Stoppers. I’ve never tried anything like it, nothing so overwhelming.

This is renewable energy, don’t miss it on your cello!

Mischa Maisky

Cello soloist
Dear Jose Maria,

I have installed the FASTER Silver – Violin on my Stradivari and it instantly produced an immediate and amazing effect on the instrument. All potential of the violin in my view goes big step up.


Vadim Repin

Violin soloist
Dear Jose Maria, I must say that your FASTER is without a doubt the most amazing violin accessory I have ever owned.

On my violin it makes the sound much broader and more complete. I’ve had a pretty big wolf on the G string. With the Faster it’s completely gone.

I installed the FASTER Silver and adjusted the violin at the same time, and since then the sound of my violin has remained constant and unchanged despite travel and seasonal changes.

Thank you very much and congratulations!

Boris Garlitsky

Concert Master of the London Philharmonic Orchestra,Guest Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra of the Royal Opera Covent Garden,Professor at the Paris Conservatory /CNSMDP/, Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen
I am amazed by the FASTER Artica cello acoustic endpin!

Full spectrum of sound, impressive edge! Enjoy!.

Jean-Guihen Queyras

Cello soloist
I am very grateful, impressed and unexpectedly surprised to have received my violin G.B. Guadagnini back, after great Luthier Mr. Lozano has done a new set up and introduced to me and my violin his incredible invention, the FASTER.

I couldn’t believe during every day violin playing how much it improved and changed the sound to even fuller, more colorful, projecting sound, giving clearance and making sound production easier.

Truly a miracle!

I only can recommend and wish to all fellow string players to have the luck to experience the same.

The FASTER is truly an unbelievable and visionary invention that will become very popular and perhaps inevitable.

Thank you.

Alissa Margulis

Violin soloist
Dear José María, with FASTER, you have come up with a marvelous invention that has no adverse effects on the health and sound of the instrument.

There is no physical alteration to the instrument since the setup method entails a conical adaptor that makes it unnecessary to modify the end button. Consequently, there is no reason not to try it.

As regards sound, FASTER can enhance the harmonics of any amplitude because its task is to eliminate any conflict between tones. That brings about a large sound flow that comes quickly out of the violin, thus resulting in a more natural and relaxed manner of playing and the elimination of right-arm frictions.

The lack of conflict during the tone production allows us to reach performing speeds that previously demanded effort, with total clarity. Besides, it softens or eliminates wolf tones.

When playing double stops on the A and E strings, Tartini’s third tones are at all times noticeable, and they rarely are.

The feeling of touching the strings with the bow is more pleasant, and you can put up more weight without disrupting the sound. You can increase bow speed without it slipping, and, likewise, achieve longer steady sounds. When you play chords, as in Bach, low tones keep persistently ringing.

The quality of the sound becomes more beautiful. It might seem brighter, but that is an early impression, it is just more fluent and transparent. Besides, had the violin a nasal sound, FASTER gets to transform it.

Try to play double-harmonic passages, and you will notice apparent ease of performance. I had that same feeling when I borrowed a Guarneri del Gesù for a year.

I forgot something important: you can perceive a good amount of sound in the right ear because the sound projection is such that you can hear it from far away.

Bravo, maestro, for your ingenuity, wisdom, and talent in going into the production and quality of sound.

Much appreciated

Giovanni Battista Fabris

Concertmaster - Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice. Genova, Italy
Since I started to use the FASTER Artica 600 Titanium and Silver cello endpins, I have noticed the sound of my cello more round, noble, and generous. They increase sound projection to a large extent, and also the quality of my instrument. Besides, I feel more comfortable at playing, allowing me to produce a malleable sound.

They are undoubtedly the best endpins I have ever had, and I am sure many cellists will feel the same way when they get one.

I am sure it will be my cello’s best ally for many years to come.

Asier Polo

Cello soloist - Spain
Dear José María, I have tried the FASTER Artica 600 cello endpin, and I like it very, very much! It is still on my cello!

My sensation is of more sweetness under my left fingers and faster string response under my bow. In the end, more colors, more sound projection.

I will show it to all my students and fellow cellists!

Congratulations, and thank you!

Enrico Dindo

Cello Soloist & Conductor - Lugano, Switzerland
The FASTER Artica 500 Titanium endpin, designed and developed by maestro José María Lozano, represents an innovative contribution to the double bass acoustics.

I have installed this endpin in my 1765 Alessandro Gagliano and Gaetano Rossi double basses, and, as a result, I have obtained a broader presence of harmonics, a more open sound, and the elimination of flaws in some of the emissions.

Thank you very much for such valuable innovation.

Franco Petracchi

Double bass soloist - Roma, Italy
Dear José María, thank you again for your great ideas. I am very enthusiastic about your products.

Many thanks for your astounding innovations! Your researches and realizations truly improve the sound release in my double bass. The FASTER Artica 500 Titanium endpin is excellent because it makes the flow of sound more fluid, and the BELTON Mini and BELTON SOLO passive amplifier models make a huge difference as well. We have here two improvement assets, easy to carry anywhere, totally worth it.

Thierry Barbé

Principal double bassist - Orchestre de l’Opéra de Paris. Paris, France
I have long been using Maestro Lozano’s FASTER and BELTON models, as well as some other of his acoustics-related creations. I must admit that my cello’s performance has exponentially improved, both in concert halls as a soloist with orchestra and chamber music.

The audience is sure to perceive an increase in the volume, projection, and richness of the sound, and, at the same time, the sound response the musician gets will help him feel at ease in any venue.

For me, these have indeed been a great find that accompanies me in all my concerts and makes a quick adaptation to constant weather and acoustic changes on tour easier.

Without hesitation, I recommend these astounding acoustic systems anywhere I go.

Adolfo Gutiérrez

Cello soloist - Madrid, Spain
I have installed the FASTER Titanium in two of my most valuable instruments, a violin, and a viola. Not only have I noticed a neat acoustic response, which was already very good, but it has also enhanced both instruments’ virtues. A richer sound is noticeable, so are also resonant harmonics, ease of projection, and crystal-clear slurring and string crossing, even in fast passages. Besides, ranges in both instruments are better balanced, especially in high positions. Furthermore, the viola has lost a soft wolf tone that it usually had.

Although I must confess that I am somewhat skeptical about innovations in a tradition that has spanned for four and a half centuries, I also have to admit that FASTER is something unique and a work of genius. Besides, its straightforward setup and lack of intrusion as to the structure or esthetics of the instrument, make it very trustworthy for the musicians.

I, therefore, recommend, without hesitation, FASTER to all my fellow musicians. It’s something unique. Bravo, Maestro Lozano!

Pablo Saraví

Concertmaster – Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires. Teatro Colón. Argentina
I am so happy! It is hard to explain what one experiences when, after a lifetime with the violin, you notice an immediate change thanks to the FASTER Titanium. It looks as though the violin had taken a 2-month vacation and returned with renewed energy. The violin seems pleased. So is the violinist.

What changes have I noticed?

– It sounds louder. All strings do. And far from being something negative, that is awesome and makes me very happy!

– Ease of playing, especially when using the bow (even better in low strings on my violin).

– The sound is cleaner, which helps with playing in tune since it is easier to notice when something is wrong with intonation. That is even more noticeable with double stops, especially on the G and D strings.

– The timbre has not changed at all. On the contrary, I would say that FASTER has enhanced the global quality of the instrument.

All these changes contribute to performing, in general, with more confidence, and therefore, in a more relaxing way. And consequently, playing is even more fun!

What else can I tell you? THANK YOU. Honestly, I cannot express enough how happy I am, and also how excited about installing FASTER on my wife’s violins, so I can see her happy too!

Thank you very much!

Joan Planas

Classical and baroque violin soloist & chamber musician - New York, USA.
The FASTER endpin is the essential accompaniment to today’s musician. It improves to a great extent the main features of the instrument such as brightness, harmonic richness, bow response, and pressure resistance, thus giving any instrument new bounds. All of that requires less effort by the musician while obtaining more sound projection and loudness.

Thanks to José María. The FASTER era begins.

Simon Vels

Principal cellist - Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid. Spain
José María Lozano’s FASTER sound system improve various sound parameters, like power, dynamic range, attack response, clarity, and timber richness. With a quick and easy setup, the FASTER Titanium for violin instantly produces an apparent increase in these qualities, which not only stays but grows as the musician adapts to the new possibilities that their instruments offer them. I recommend this product and congratulate José María for his outstanding talent in creating it!

José M. Álvarez Losada

Violin soloist - Mallorca, Spain
The FASTER Titanium fitted to my old viola has freed the sound, improved the response, made the instrument more reliable when traveling to different climates, and is real fun to play. The viola feels very free and more powerful and speaks more easily. I think it is a fantastic and fascinating invention.

Edward Vanderspar

Principal violist. London Symphony Orchestra. England
The Faster Titanium is incredible. The violin has been reborn in a whole new dimension. It is the best acoustic invention in the history of the violin.


Mauro Rossi

Violin concertmaster - Milano, Italy
I have used FASTER Titanium in my Oddone violin since its assemblage in London. The violin sounds very well, is freer, and has a quicker response thanks to an increase in harmonics.

It is undoubtedly an excellent tool for those seeking to enhance the qualities of their instrument, and for that, I recommend it!

Pablo de León

Concertmaster. Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de São Paolo. Brasil
The FASTER Titanium belongs to the trained ear seeking out the precise balance between string pressure and freedom of sound. A unique tool in service of expressivity.

Vlad Stanculeasa

Concertmaster - Orquesta Sinfónica de Barcelona. Spain
I have installed many FASTER devices, and the result is outstanding.

Acoustic volume and ease of playing have increased to a great extent in all cases.

If you want to equip your instrument with a turbo, I recommend it to everyone, both musicians and luthiers.

Michele Ferrari

Maestro Luthier - Cremona, Italy
Of the present plethora of acoustic cello endpins, the FASTER Artica Titanium stands out to a notably large extent. It is the result of years of research and experience by maestro luthier José María Lozano, and, like FASTER for violin and viola, enhances both the quality and the quantity of sound in a truly astonishing manner. That happens both from the player and the listener’s perspectives. However, if I had to choose only one out of the multiple advantages it contributes, that would probably be its outstanding feeling of convenience. That is noticeable in the immediate reaction of the string in contact with the bow, and the left-hand’s smoothness of articulation. That not only produces better acoustics-related results but also, thanks to that feeling of convenience, gets to increase the cellist confidence in their instrument and themselves. Not everyone can afford a Strad; however, a big step is within everyone’s reach with FASTER. In my opinion, it instantly gets to turn a cello into a better one without spending a fortune.

Maestro Lozano and his FASTER succeed in making us happier by substantially improving our experience with the instrument.

Miguel Jiménez

Principal cellist - Orquesta Nacional de España. Madrid, Spain
I have installed the FASTER Titanium by maestro Lozano in my J. B. Vuillaume violin, and I am well satisfied with the surprising effect.

The sound is more bright, open, and rich in harmonics. The response of the strings during a bow stroke is much quicker. The instrument is undoubtedly more comfortable to use, and besides, the wolf tone that it had on the fourth string is practically gone.

I strongly recommend FASTER to everyone wishing to enjoy their instrument’s potential to the fullest.

Giovanni Radivo

Concertmaster - Orquestre National de Lyon. France
Following the tests carried out in Cezzane Recording Studios, aimed to check the empirical result and potential advantages of the mechanical device called FASTER for violin, I have observed that the device has real effectiveness in the instrument tone.

My perception as a sound engineer and producer of many chamber music and orchestra recordings that include the violin as a soloist instrument is that, with FASTER, the sound is louder and more broadly spread. Besides, those notes that, due to the instrument’s characteristics, were excessively loud, are now balanced, and the listener perceives a more steady and silky sound. After recordings of the same length of time, I have also noticed that, with the FASTER device, the microphones have captured an extra richness in harmonics and sound frequencies, because, far from changing the timbre of the violin, it enriches its sound and therefore the music coming out of it.

Javier Monteverde

Sound Engineer - Madrid, Spain
Dear José María, I wish to share with you the satisfaction I feel to play my Mario Capicchioni viola with the FASTER Titanium on it.

The sound, which was already good before, has utterly improved in quality and power, with many more harmonics. The sound of the instrument has gained bright and timbre sweetness, thanks to the sound range amplitude.

I appreciate your great work very much. My most sincere congratulations!

With affection and admiration.

Antonio Bossone

Principal violist - Teatro San Carlo. Napoli, Italy
The FASTER Artica Titanium Cello Endpin, designed and constructed by José María Lozano, has utterly outstanding features.

My first impression was the ease of sound production (strings vibrate unrestrainedly), and the spectacular sound quality. That is because of a tangible increase in harmonics produced by the cello, which undoubtedly gains volume and brightness in its sound, both in low and high ranges.

Never before had I come across an endpin that could improve the sound parameters of an instrument.

May my testimonial persuade other cellists to acquire one of these magical endpins. I herein thank maestro luthier Lozano, who passionate towards and skillful with nowadays technology, contributes to improving the sound of instruments existing for over three centuries, proving that the past and the future can work in harmony.

Massimo Polidori

Principal cellist - Orchestra del Teatro dalla Scala. Milano, Italy
Maestro José María Lozano has got to revolutionize sound with his innovating FASTER system of endpins and stoppers, not just by boosting it up, but also by improving its quality, reaching levels of excellence.

Carmen María Elena

Cello soloist - Málaga, Spain
I was introduced to the FASTER world by Giovanni Fabris, the concertmaster of our orchestra. I must say that, as soon as we fitted it to the instrument, I noticed an immediate change. The A string became sweeter, and the C string had a fuller sound. The instrument’s response is generally better in all positions.

However, the FASTER Titanium makes a real difference when you want to play piano and pianissimo because the strings, especially the low ones, go into vibration much easier. All my fellow players who have tried it are just as happy.

Thank you very much for this invention.

Ernest Braucher

Principal violist - Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice. Genova, Italy
Bravo, José María! I never thought that the FASTER Artica 600 Titanium cello endpin could change, free, and project the sound of a cello to such a large extent.

You made it! Congratulations!

Rafal Jezierski

Coprincipal cellist - Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana. Valencia, Spain
It is an outstanding contribution to the world of the double bass. After having tried the FASTER endpins and BELTON stoppers by José María Lozano in various concert halls and auditoriums, the summing-up cannot be better.

The sound quality improves by optimizing the harmonics as well as their projection. My feeling is that of more comfort at playing, which strengthens my self-confidence.


Antonio Torres

Double bass professor - Córdoba, Spain
Artica 500 Titanium cello endpin by maestro José María Lozano has increased the resonance and harmonics in my double bass. The sound spreads itself more naturally, and playing feels easier. Bravo!

Ander Perrino

Principal double bassist - Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester. Berlin, Germany
I am very impressed with the possibilities offered by every endpin model!

I am particularly fond of the Artica 600 Titanium, which I installed in my modern 2001 Alberto Giordano violoncello. The A-string is now much softer and uniform as to the whole set, which makes me so happy!

Besides, the overall sound production of the instrument is smoother, and the noise in sound production has decreased. Also, the cello tone has improved in quality as well as loudness.

The instrument is now more harmonious and sounds better in practice.

Thank you very much for your valuable work.

Riccardo Agosti

Principal cellist - Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice. Genoa, Italy
Dear José María, the products of FASTER Sound Systems are amazing. The output delivered by your endpins and stoppers goes beyond reality. They are fantastic.

Never had I tried something similar, something that facilitated me to play freely, with no tensions, and with a significant increase in harmonics, loudness, and sound projection across the hall.

Thank you very much for your splendid innovations.

Dimitar Furnadjiev

Cello concertmaster - Sofia, Bulgaria
FASTER, what a great invention!

The first thing I noticed is how much faster the instrument’s sound opens. And above all, the ease in the response!

Bravo, maestro!

Manel Porta

Violinist - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. London, England
All beautifully crafted models of the FASTER Artica cello endpin sound fabulous. They are just awesome!

All of them sound undoubtedly different, but, if they have one thing in common, and I think they do, is that they make the sound more clean and round, bright and projective.

David Adorjan

Principal cellist - Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester. Berlin, Germany
I have installed the FASTER Silver in my Vuillaume violin. The sound is simply amazing, very free, with plenty of harmonics, and incredible tone quality.

Giovanni Radivo

Concertmaster - Orquestre National de Lyon. France
I have extensively tried the FASTER Silver in my G. A. Rocca violin with different pieces of music, and various acoustics, and I feel happy to let you know that it did improve the sound of my violin!

Not only is it more powerful, but also more rounded, and it did improve a lot the clarity of the sound.

Besides, the possibility of closing the hole with the small plastic cap gives me the option to opting for a more compact sound if needed without losing all the harmonics-related benefits that the silver button adds.

Thank you very much. You did a fantastic job!

Massimo Quarta

Violin soloist & conductor - Italy
I am impressed with the result after installing the FASTER Titanium in my Stefano Scarampella violin. The change has surprised me because I did not think it would be so evident. I have to admit that in the beginning, I had my doubts as to the outcome. The sound production is now quicker, and the medium-low range has improved so much! Previously, my violin had a very powerful E-string, which made sound balance at stake. I tried various sound adjustments, but the result was never successful. Ever since I installed the FASTER Titanium, the violin’s sound production is better. It has gained harmonic richness, which has turned sound production smoother and sweeter.

Thank you very much! Love,

Glauco Bertagnin

Violin soloist - Padova, Italy
When someone shows you FASTER, a mix of surprise and skepticism over something so small and simple-looking overwhelms you. Once installed in the violin, you cannot go backward and do without it. Without hesitation, FASTER is the most ground-breaking invention, and also the one that has most contributed in terms of sound to string instruments in the last three hundred years.

Joan Espina

Violin soloist - Orquesta Nacional de España - Madrid, Spain
Thank you very much for inventing FASTER Silver. It has given my violin a new life!

Seoyun Moon

Violinist - Paris, France
I had heard good reviews from fellow musicians who had installed FASTER in their instruments, so I decided to do the same in my Stefano Scarampella violin.

With FASTER Silver, the instrument has immediately responded with much effortless sound production and an increase in harmonics and brightness. The sound is now warmer and complete, to such an extent that I decided to install another one in my Roberto Collini viola, obtaining a more than satisfactory response.

I wholeheartedly thank maestro José María Lozano for this fantastic opportunity, and without reservations recommend FASTER to all those seeking to improve the quality of their instruments.

Enrico Balboni

Concertmaster - Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice di Venezia. Italy
There have been many pieces of research on acoustic improvement on cello spikes. I tried almost all of them, but none convinced me. However, the FASTER Artica 600 cello endpin makes a real difference!

Sound becomes free and achieves a large projection in the concert hall.

Pavel Gomziakov

Cello soloist & chamber musician - Lisboa, Portugal
I enjoy very much playing my cello with my new FASTER Artica 600 Titanium endpin. The instrument sounds better. The projection is more efficient, and the sound is more rounded, deep, and rich in harmonics.

I am so happy!

Nicolas Hartmann

Principal cellist - Orquestre National de Lyon. France
I have installed the FASTER Titanium 600 cello endpin, designed by maestro José María Lozano, and I am incredibly satisfied with the results. From the very first moment, I have noticed a massive improvement in my violoncello.

I recommend this endpin to all cellists for being such a valuable invention.

Gabriele Geminiani

Principal cellist - Orchestra Santa Cecilia. Roma, Italy
Dear José María, thank you so much again for helping me and my viola with the FASTER Titanium. I am so happy!

Many people have noticed an improvement in my viola, so a very big thank you. I have told many people about you and will continue to do this!

Thank you again and all very best wishes.

Scott Dickinson

Viola soloist, chamber musician and principal violist of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra - Scotland
The FASTER Silver has increased the sound and the harmonics in my violin, thus getting a quicker response and making it easier to play. Some fellow musicians ask me whether I had a new violin!

I am very much satisfied with the results and recommend it to all violinists.

Thank you for your valuable help in making my violin even more beautiful!

Günther Sanin

Concertmaster - Orchestra Arena di Verona. Verona - Italy
The FASTER Artica endpins improve the sound enormously, and also the instrument’s response. Its reaction is more pleasant, and an improvement in the string resonance is noticeable both in the bow and the left hand.

In my case and my instrument, it considerably increases the sound value. It is not only a matter of power and brightness but also of sound quality.

I have tried two endpins, the Artica Titanium and the Artica Silver. With the titanium model, the sound gets more rounded, and the range of harmonics is much better than with a regular endpin. The feeling with the silver model is similar, although, in my opinion, the sound quality is much better, being much more round and refined.

Rodrigo Moro Martín

Principal double bassist - Orquesta Nacional de España & Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Spain
I have the privilege of having been the first to try the FASTER Silver, created by José María Lozano.

The sound quality produced by the FASTER Silver is excellent. In addition to the FASTER Titanium features, caused by faster physical functioning and air movement inside the instrument, you can produce better dynamics.

The intensity that the sound acquires is physically perceptible in the hands so far that it becomes rather pleasant, as when making dough for bread. The ease of execution increases, and so does the emission rate. Doing better seems impossible, but you never know with him. The attainable bow attack is impressive. It produces many more harmonics. To sum up, as much as it may cost, given the results, it is a low price.

Bravo, José María

Giovanni Battista Fabris

Concertmaster - Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice. Genova, Italy
My violins are equipped with FASTER Titanium and FASTER Silver. From the first moment, I was able to verify that my instruments had gained in projection and harmonic richness.

FASTER helps the musician to get a sound with less effort and with excellent results hitherto unknown. My most sincere congratulations to Maestro José María Lozano, for finding what he has always sought, “the excellence of sound”.

I recommend FASTER to all violinists.

Eduardo del Castillo

Violin Teacher – Guadalajara – Spain
Dear José María, allow me to share with you my opinion about your FASTER Artica 600 Titanium and Silver cello endpins, a real discovery for me. Not only do they improve the production of harmonics in the instrument, but they also produce a considerable increase in loudness. The tone in my cello has become clean and beautiful, with astonishing clarity and sharpness. What the Artica cello endpin can accomplish is striking.

Congratulations on the thorough study of the sound quality of the instruments, and on your attention towards our instruments’ accessories, which far from staying mere accessories, they turn out to be indispensable music tools thanks to you. Thank you so much!

Javier Albarés

Principal cellist - Orquesta de Radio Televisión Española. Madrid, Spain
I have installed the FASTER Titanium in three violins that date from 1663, 1850, and 2012. Thanks to this great invention, the sound qualities have improved in all of these instruments.

FASTER inspires me and helps me do more with less.

Alberto Menchen

Concertmaster - Orchestre Philarmonique de Liège & WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln – Germany
Dear José María, thank you for the FASTER Titanium for my Stradivari violin.

It is a cool invention!

Linus Roth

Violin soloist – Germany
I am delighted with my new FASTER Artica titanium cello endpin and with the Belton Grafit cello end pin stopper. I feel how the vibrations of my instrument have increased in contact with my body, with the ground and around it. The harmonics have increased notably and my cello has a greater projection without losing its usual warmth, transmitting a round, clean and enveloping sound.

Helena Poggio

Cello soloist - Quiroga Quartet - Professor of Chamber Music of the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid
Dear friends and colleagues,

The first time they told me about Master Lozano’s FASTER Titanium, I was quite skeptical and incredulous. Now it is installed on two of my violins, one old and one modern. The change with the FASTER has been incredible with no less than 30% sound, projection, harmonics, tonal richness, and great playability.

José María I’m super happy with your genius . Thank you, thank you, thank you!.

Paçalin Zef Pavaci

Guest Concertmaster Philharmonia Orchestra – London. Concertmaster Teatro Real – Madrid., Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Orquesta Nacional of Spain, Liceu – Barcelona, Guest Profesor Showa University – Tokio, San Carlo – Napoli, etc.
Dear Maestro, I wanted to tell you that Professor Fabbris had already put the Faster on my “Augusto Pollastri” from 1925 with excellent results!

Then after I had my Cremona luthier do the work of closing and reopening the button hole (because it was too big), he finally inserted the Faster into my second instrument as well (a 1917 “Serafino Casini” published in the book “La Grande Liuteria Italiana” by A.Versari), obtaining a much more homogeneous and powerful sound for this instrument too!

Thank you again for your wonderful invention and for your great work.

Roberto Mazzola

Violin teacher at the Integral Institute of Cogoleto - Liguria - Italy, Violinist of the Symphony Orchestra of the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa – Italy
I have been pleasantly surprised by the FASTER Silver. My violin sounds clearly cleaner and rounder, and I find it much easier to play. I can achieve the same effects as before with much less effort, and it helps me find greater sonic freedom. In addition, the harmonics sound clearer, which translates into greater projection. A great discovery!

Ana Maria Valderrama

Violin soloist – Madrid - Spain
My first meeting with Mr. Jose Maria Lozano was a unique experience in the best possible way. He opened me the door to the world of new sound options and I believe this is only the first step in the search for an amazing sound quality.

I can only recommend his FASTER Sound Systems for violin, so please try it and let yourself begin a new journey with your instrument. Sincerely.

Mirka Scepanovic

Violin soloist – Concertmaster of the Sinfonietta Basel and Camerata Variabile (Basel). Artistic and Musical Director of the National Orchestra of Montenegro.
My experience with the Viola FASTER Titanium is always highly satisfactory.

I consider that the gain in resonance, in tone, in volume, harmonics and consistency in the sound, makes it an absolutely innovative accessory and to take into account when setting up an instrument, of course by the hand of a master luthier of the quality of José María Lozano.

Silvina Álvarez

Principal violist – Orquesta Nacional de España - Madrid
If you are unsatisfied about your sound, don’t buy a new violin buy a FASTER!

It is a revolutionary masterpiece made by the Maestro Luthier Jose Maria Lozano.

Playing with a FASTER you will discover new nuances of your sound!

Thank you Jose Maria for this incredible innovation.

Giuseppe Gibboni

Violin soloist – First prize Paganini International Violin Competition 2021– Genoa - Italy
No praise is exaggerated to extol the magnificent invention of the illustrious Spanish luthier José María Lozano, called FASTER. A system that extracts a clearer, more focused sound, with projection and great quality. My 1787 Nadotti cello never sounded better!

Thank you Maestro!

Aldo Mata

Cello soloist – Professor at the Manuel Castillo Superior Conservatory of Music in Seville (Spain) - Professor at the Katarina Gurska Superior Center in Madrid (Spain).
The FASTER Artica cello endpins by Maestro José María Lozano are a true revolution for the sound of the cello. From the first moment, you feel how the instrument offers you all the harmonics with a rich and wide sound that enhances all its colors. It is ideal for playing as a soloist, as in chamber music or in the orchestra. It offers you an incomparable feeling of freedom, being able to fix the cello on any surface. It is without a doubt a great evolution for our instrument that every cellist should be able to enjoy!

Salvador Bolón

Cello Soloist – Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana – Valencia – Spain.
The FASTER Artica 600 cello endpin give my cello a larger bouquet of harmonics, the sound is easier to emit and this is a great advantage!

Finally, the tungsten carbide tip is something extraordinary as it grips all surfaces giving great stability to the instrument. A beautiful technical innovation that has the great advantage of not changing the aesthetic appearance of the instrument simply by adding an extra touch of elegance.

First cello of the Solisti Aquilani – L’Aquila – Italia 

Giulio Ferretti

First cello of the Solisti Aquilani – L’Aquila - Italia
In a market in which, many times, small illusions in the increase in the amount of sound push us to acquire products that are not strictly necessary, I find that all the sound systems developed by José María Lozano (Cello endpin, Stoppers and cello end-butons), produce an objective and noticeable improvement in the quantity, warmth and quality of the cello’s sound.

The FASTER Sound Systems brand develops products that enhance your instrument in a surprising way and before considering that an instrument does not meet your needs, a visit to Maestro Lozano’s workshop or the Faster Sound systems online store seems inescapable.

Fernando Arias

Cello Soloist - Professor of Cello at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid - Cello teacher at the Reina Sofía School of Music. Madrid - Spain

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