BELTON Mini – Cello Acoustic Stopper


Belton Mini is likely to be the smallest acoustic cello and double bass endpin stopper on the market. Its clean design and advanced materials give this small endpin stopper excellent acoustic qualities.

Belton Mini includes in its interior design an acoustic device that acts as a vibration dispersion inhibitor., preventing, to a great extent, that the vibration of the instrument is absorbed by the ground, and consequently avoiding the loss of acoustic energy.

Belton Mini Belton Mini incorporates a high-performance removable adhesive disc on the back, usable for more than a thousand applications and that can be washed with water and hand soap gel to remove dirt, thus recovering its adhesion.

Belton Mini incorporates a small lever made of carbon fiber for removal as well as one removable replacement adhesive. To ensure the proper functioning of Belton Mini the  contact area  with  the floor must be clean from dust and rosin.

Before placing the endpin of the instrument on the Belton Mini adhere this to the floor exerting a slight force with your foot on the small steel bowl. If this precaution is not taken, the adhesive discs could turn on themselves, canceling their main function.

The white dot and the logo stopper should be placed in front position.

120 €

Taxes / VAT and shiping not included.

Next replenishment: 30-04-2022


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