U.S Patent No. 10,593,307

FASTER Artica 500 – Titanium – Acoustic Endpin


FASTER Artica 500 Titanium Cello Acoustic Endpin is a high-performance cello endpin designed following complex parameters completely different from the acoustic cello endpins existing in the market. Its operation is based on diverse concepts of applied aerodynamics with which exceptional sound results have been obtained in concert halls, cello solo recitals, cello and piano recitals, chamber music and recordings.

The objective of FASTER Artica 500 Titanium and its main function is to eliminate part of the residual air that is constantly generated inside the cello and that, in turn, cannot be completely released from the resonance chamber through the f-holes, causing the incomplete production of harmonics.

FASTER Artica 500 Titanium Acoustic Endpin has been tested with excellent results on numerous   fine  cellos.  It  increases  volume,   harmonics   production, sound  projection, tone quality, ease of performance, and the lifetime of the strings. It also reduces or suppresses wolf tones and provides other nice features that will undoubtedly make your life easier, at least, when performing.

The relevant acoustic virtues of FASTER Artica 500 Titanium, its elegant and careful design, as well as the selection of exclusive materials and its high standard of manufacturing make this set an appreciated object of desire for any player. With FASTER Artica you will discover the new possibilities that your instrument offers to you.

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