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LICQUA NATURAL CLEANER has been formulated from derivatives of vegetable proteins and active principles that are used in the field of high natural cosmetics. Its balanced and innovative 100% natural formula with Ph. 7 shows excellent compatibility with almost all types of varnishes.

Through the hydrolyzate of vegetable proteins, LICQUA NATURAL CLEANER offers, after its application, a very soft texture that helps to properly deep clean with a light and silky final touch and that protects the varnish from the appearance of microorganisms, helping to prevent its gradual degradation.

LICQUA NATURAL CLEANER is made up of a network of lamellar liquid crystals that facilitate the release of active substances on the varnish, prolonging its conservation, beauty and hydration and leaving a wet effect that gives the varnish greater luminosity.

It has been applied on multiple occasions and with magnificent results on classical instruments such as Stradivari, Guarneri family, Bergonzi, Guadagnini, Ruggeri, S. Serafino, Tecchler, Vuillaume, etc. as well as on modern instruments from different schools.

LICQUA NATURAL CLEANER is packaged in an acrylic airless container to prolong its conservation and is presented in containers of 40ml or 1.35 fl.oz. It is a vegan product and can be applied to the varnish of any kind of musical instrument (violins, cellos, bows, guitars, pianos, etc.). It does not contain ingredients or products of animal origin or tested on animals. No silicone, parabens, abrasives, waxes or petroleum derivatives.

It is biodegradable, antioxidant, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal. Its pleasant and smooth aroma is the result of the synergy of various incorporated active substances.

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